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Customize backgrounds, margins, roundings, borders and add your own unique annotations with Supasnap. Elevate your screenshot game instantly.
Capture any window, tab, or screen of your computer.
* Compatible only in desktop with Chromium-based browsers like Chrome, Brave, Edge...
Tailor the position of your capture
Margins and Spaces
Fine-tune the margins and spaces
Add a shadow and personalize its color, blur, offset x and y
Jazz up your capture with solid colors, gradients, or custom images or Unsplash images
Rounded edges
Round off the edges for a sleek look
Frame your capture with a stylish border
Aspect ratio
Optimize your capture for any social media platform
Browser mockup
Add a browser mockup with light or dark mode.
Add annotations like boxes, circles, lines, arrows, text, emojis or freehand drawings
Code Snippets
Add your code snippets customizing the language, theme, and adding a title to the document.
Export your design in various formats
Save your designs for future editing sessions
Share* directly on your socials
* Compatible with mobile devices and on computers using Chrome, Safari, and Edge on Windows, and Safari on MacOS.
Fully private
Supasnap runs 100% locally in your browser. We only keep your snap on our server when you save it.
Web browser
Compatible with nearly all web browsers.
MacOS app
Download the MacOS Desktop application for free.
Windows app
Download the Windows Desktop application for free.

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  • The best application for beautiful pictures that I use for personal and practical use. It is really wonderful.

    Elsayed Ali
    Elsayed Alis testimonial for Supasnap
  • What I like most about @supasnapcom from @marctaule is not the product (which I also like VERY MUCH), it's the support and asking for features... they are ready FAST!

    Daniel Peris
    Daniel Periss testimonial for Supasnap
  • We are super happy using @supasnapcom🫶 We ask for features and they build them SUPER FAST ⚡️
    INDEXED.pros testimonial for Supasnap
  • Absolutely love Supasnap! It's transformed my screenshots into engaging visuals with zero hassle. The browser-based tool is a godsend for indie hackers and entrepreneurs who need to add a spark to their storytelling. No installation needed is just the cherry on top. Highly recommended!

    Anand Negi
    Anand Negis testimonial for Supasnap
  • What a nice little tool! Delivers a neat solution to a specific problem, love it!

    Sébastien Chaine
    Sébastien Chaines testimonial for Supasnap
  • Es que lo que ha montado @marctaule es para contarlo (y comprarlo🤓)

    Santiago Alonso
    Santiago Alonsos testimonial for Supasnap
  • I appreciate the 100% online approach—no downloads needed. The features are comprehensive, and privacy is a key focus. Looking forward to seeing how it evolves!

    Mertcan Esmergül
    Mertcan Esmergüls testimonial for Supasnap
  • Awesome online feature, it's just so easy and fun tu use it, thank you

    Jaume Sole
    Jaume Soles testimonial for Supasnap
  • Hace días que estaba buscando una herramienta para hacer capturas de pantalla y me encontré con Supasnap. Mandé un correo con un par de preguntas y @marctaule contestó al momento y tomó mis ideas en cuenta. 👉 Lifetime comprado.

    Guada 🪴
    Guada 🪴s testimonial for Supasnap
  • Mola mucho la herramienta que ha montado @marctaule. Fácil de utilizar y online, a diferencia de Xnapper. Yo me he pillado el lifetime que tiene ahora por 25€

    Álex Serrano
    Álex Serranos testimonial for Supasnap
  • Awesome product! It adds value to something we do every day, even though it might look dull and unattractive 🔥

    Arnau Vendrell
    Arnau Vendrells testimonial for Supasnap
  • Simple but effective. I liked the idea. Without a doubt, an interesting tool for those who want to give a special touch to their screenshots. Congratulations!

    Nicolás Grosso
    Nicolás Grossos testimonial for Supasnap


Simple Editor,
Simple Pricing

99% of the Supasnap features are available to all users for free.


Get unlimited access to Supasnap editor and save up to 5 snaps.



  • Fully usable editor
  • Save and edit up to 5 snaps
  • Advanced tools for inset
  • Advanced tools for shadows
  • Advanced tools for border
  • Advanced tools for backgrounds

No credit card required.

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Get unlimited access to Supasnap editor, save unlimited snaps and edit or remove the watermark.

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  • Fully usable editor
  • Save and edit infinite snaps
  • Advanced tools for inset
  • Advanced tools for shadows
  • Advanced tools for border
  • Advanced tools for backgrounds
  • Personalize watermark
  • Remove watermark
  • Priority Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! You can use Supasnap for free without registering. If you sign up, you'll be able to save up to 5 snaps for future editing or duplication whenever you need. Additionally, free plans do not allow for the removal or customization of the watermark.
  • No, only if you choose to take advantage of our paid plans or in our free plan, if you want to save up to 5 snaps, you will need to create an account.
  • Images are never stored on a server or sent to anyone, and all of the processing happens locally and in your browser. This means that your image is always private and confidential. The only case in which Supasnap store your images on its servers is when you save a snap. This way, you can edit it later and duplicate it. And if you delete it, we remove it from our servers.
  • No, all you have to do is click here and enjoy.
  • Supasnap accept debit/credit cards (including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Mada), PayPal, Alipay, iDEAL, Google Pay (Chrome only) and wire transfers.
  • No, now you can download a desktop app for MacOS and Windows. Simply download, install, and connect to the internet.
  • To take screenshots with Supasnap, it's only possible with Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge... Safari and Firefox aren't supported as of today
  • Yes! I'm Marc, the developer behind Supasnap. If you have any questions or hel, just send me an email to or find me on Twitter.
  • Nice, contact me by email